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Corona virus update


In addition to the letter that has been emailed out to parents to establish which children will require provision next week, here are the following links:


Key worker guidance – identifying who is a key worker





Kind regards,

Simon Lawman



Dear Parents

Last nights announcement  that all school's are to close this Friday will understandably raise as many questions as it answers. I also know that you will appreciate that given the limited information available at the moment, we cannot, as yet answer all of your questions.

The priorities today are therefore:

1. To clarify exactly which professions are defined as keyworkers at this time - information will be released later today
2. To evaluate what provision will look like for the children of key workers and those in receipt of an EHCP
3. To clarify as to whether attendance for those groups of children is 'expected' or simply offered
4. To ensure that those in receipt of free school meals continue to be provided for
5. To ensure that systems are in place to allow teachers to communicate with parents in order to support home learning

I know that for many of you and your children this is distressing. This however is unprecedented and I would ask that parents:

1. Remain calm
2. Ensure that their phones are on
3. Check their emails and wait for information from school.

We will be working methodically through the above list but we will not have answers immediately. 
In essence; don't call us, we'll call you. 

Above all, and I have said this many times before, please trust us - we've got this.

Kind Regards


Mr Lawman and Mrs Wilkinson

We work We care We Pray We share
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