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Corona virus update

Remote learning and access to technology


This is our first day of full remote learning. As a result I need to turn my attention to access to technology. In order to access the home learning most effectively your children will need access to an electronic device which can connect to the internet. This could be a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.


Currently we are using Zoom for our daily contact with the children. In the same way access to most SMART devices will give access to these meetings.


With this in mind I need to ascertain what levels of access children have to technology in the home and I would appreciate a swift reply to this email. Please email me back by no later than 8.00pm Wednesday 6th January.

Please choose which statement applies to you and email back to



  • All my children/my child  have/has access to a device and can access remote learning
  • We have access to a device but my children need to share: Please indicate how many devices between how many children
  • We have no access to any device for remote learning




We work We care We Pray We share
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