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'We Work, We Care, We Pray, We Share'


Every two years we revisit our Mission statement with children, governors and parents. The piece of art work was created in response to the updated School Motto which we feel encapsulates our core Catholic Values. The mural takes pride of place in the centre of school and serves as a timely reminder of our core Mission.


More detail of what this means to us in our school can be found on the link below...

Renewal of School Rules - Summer 2019


This year we have chosen to review our school rules  in the light our of school Mission Statement and school motto. We seek to encapsulate our shared values in a set clear and unambiguous statements by which we will live our lives. These 'rules' will be very much informed by our shared faith and our current situation in school. They will in turn inform how we deal with any incidents of poor discipline, what we reward and how we seek to live our lives. 


The renewed school rules were revised in consultation with parents, staff governors and children.  

Collective Worship

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R.E. Curriculum

Catholic Values - our Catholic life

Catholic Values - our Catholic life 1
Catholic Values - our Catholic life 2
Catholic Values - our Catholic life 3
We have looked at our Catholic values and thought, what does this mean in our world today. The children agreed that in order to be a Catholic Missionary we must look outside of our own four walls and seek to change the world in which we live for the better. The children in each class spent time learning about someone who we agreed had taken on a Mission to change our world for the better - Catholic values alive. 
Below is a long term plan which we follow mapping our liturgical celebrations and school events, 
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We work We care We Pray We share
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