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'Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.'

Mary Lou Cook 

Why we teach your child art:


Art represents and reflects the best of human activity. It can empower us to challenge the world we live in and inspire us to communicate our individual ideas, thoughts and needs. Art can uplift us, calm us, entertain us, and educate us.

Our aim is to engage, inspire and challenge pupils to express themselves through a range of materials and processes. We want our pupils to not only be equipped with the skills they need to experiment and create their own art, but to also be able to think critically about art, challenge concepts and examine what art means to them. Through developing a broad knowledge of art and artists, our children will learn how to express an opinion about the impact of art and how it can reflect and shape our history. We value the wealth of art that we have access to and encourage our children to foster a love for creativity and artistic expression that will stay with them beyond their years at our school.


What our curriculum looks like:

Our art curriculum is ambitious, and this starts right from Early Years. Our art curriculum has been designed using the content from the National Curriculum and the Early Years Framework to carefully sequenced our art curriculum so children learn a broad range of artistic skills, using a wide variety of materials.

    How you can help your child at home:


    EYFS and Key Stage 1


    • Encourage your child to be creative, this could be by doing junk modelling projects or repurposing old belongings in an imaginative way
    • Develop areas such as fine motor skills, creativity, planning, concentration, and perseverance
    • Display your child’s artwork


    Key Stage 2


    • Visit art galleries or local spaces and explore the art and architecture
    • Gather any materials that could be used for an art project
    • Read books about art.
    We work We care We Pray We share
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