September 24 Reception Starters - We still have a few places available in our Reception cohort. We also have a few places available throughout our school. Please enquire should you be new to the area and are looking for an outstanding school.
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Early Years Foundation Stage

'Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.'

The EYFS curriculum has been designed to ensure a strong foundation to learning for our children. Our curriculum aims to deliver a memorable curriculum which is carefully designed and sequenced using content from Development Matters and the EYFS Statutory Framework. We have planned an ambitious curriculum that teaches the children the skills and knowledge they will need to prepare them for Year 1 and to provide the foundational building blocks to become a lifelong learner. We want our children to know more and remember more.  Our curriculum is broad and balanced with a focus on Early Reading and developing children’s Communication and Language. The children are explicitly taught skills and knowledge linked to each of the prime and specific areas through adult-led and child-led lessons. The children have planned, purposeful opportunities to practise these skills and embed this knowledge independently through the classroom provision. The provision for the children to learn is combined of both indoor and outdoor learning. 


The curriculum has designed with the following in mind.

  • Does our curriculum lay foundations for later learning?

  • What do we want our children to learn?

  • Why are we doing this? (purpose and intent)

  • Why are we teaching this now?

  • What new vocabulary is introduced?

  • What previous knowledge do the children have?


Activities (the how) are then planned to allow for interactions which promote a language rich environment. Adults will communicate with all children build on vocab and language structure, introducing new knowledge. Opportunities to revisit and practice will be incorporated

We work We care We Pray We share
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