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'I play the notes as they were written, but it is God that makes the music'.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Why we teach your child music:

Music - and singing in particular - plays a big part in life in our school. 

In music lessons, we expose our children to a diverse range of high-quality music from a variety of traditions and from great composers and musicians. Children are then able to draw on this increasing aural m Our emory to be able to excel in their musical performance in both solo and ensemble contexts. As children develop their musicality throughout their time at St. Joseph's, so too will they benefit from a deepening self-confidence, creativity and sense of success. A love of music is something that can stay with a child for a lifetime and continue to enrich their life and sense of well-being even after they have moved on from our school.


What Our Curriculum Looks Like:

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. Our Music curriculum takes a holistic approach to music, in which each individual strands below are woven together to create engagaing and enriching learning experiences. 

  • Performing 
  • Listening 
  • Composing 
  • The history of music 
  • The inter-related dimensions of music 

Each five lesson unit combines these concepts within a cross-curricular topic, designed to capture pupils' imagination and encourage the to explore music enthusiastically. Over the course of the scheme, children will be taught how to sing fluently and expressively, and play tuned and untuned instruments. They will learn to recognise and name the interrelated dimensions of music - pitch, duration, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and dynamincs.


We work We care We Pray We share
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