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Late/Absence Procedures

Can I take my child out of school during term time?


Term time absences will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request a leave of absence for your child please complete the form the below and return to school. Unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice being issued. 

Leave of Absence Request Form

What if my child is late for school?


School starts at 8.55am. Children who arrive after this time must enter school via the front door and the adult dropping them off must explain in our late book why the child was late for school.


Children who are late for school will be marked as late in the register.


What if my child is ill?


Parents must inform school that their child is absent before 9.30am by telephone. Parents are encouraged to leave a message.


What if my child has a medical appointment during the school day?


We encourage parents to book appointments where possible outside of the school day however we do understand that in some circumstances this is just not possible. Please present your child's appointment card at the office and you child's absence will be authorised. 







We work We care We Pray We share
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