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Our Curriculum

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Curriculum Intent

Here at St Joseph's Withnell, for the last 3-4 years we have refined and developed our school curriculum so as to ensure that there is excellence, rigour and challenge in all areas of the curriculum. We know that our Key Stage Two SAT's results show that our children make outstanding progress and have very high levels of attainment when they leave our school. Our amibitions for our children however go far beyond Key Stage Two SAT’s results.


Our school curriculum should serve to develop the whole child and fulfil our school Mission Statement. We pride ourselves in the quality, breadth, relevance and abundant opportunities that our curriculum offers our children in school. 


We have consulted with children, parents and worked closely with governors and staff to articulate the 6 core aims of our curriculum. These can be seen below.

The document above articulates our current school context, why we have chosen theses aims and how our school curriculum meets these aims (implementation).


Aim 1

To ensure that our children receive the very best education that we can provide by equipping ALL children with the necessary skills in reading, writing and mathematics to succeed.


Aim 2

That our children grow in knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.


Aim 3

For our children to be healthy in body and in mind. We want our children to be strong, fit and active. To participate in sport and enjoy all it has to offer. To learn, through sport, how to win graciously, lose with courage and never give up. We want our children to be healthy; to have a healthy image of themselves as individuals, for our children to recognise the unique beauty in each and every individual as they were created by God. For our children to grow up to be resilient, responsible, confident and independent.


Aim 4

For our children to enjoy a strong practical curriculum. A curriculum where the children learn about how things work. A curriculum where they make, measure, cut, sew, fix, build, repair grow and evaluate. A curriculum where children will anticipate problems, imagine solutions, evaluate, adjust and problem solve as they go.


Aim 5

To inspire and nurture an appreciation of all forms of art within the children. To develop the children’s skills within music and art so that we open the door to the world of possibilities that music and art can offer children both now and later in their lives.







We work We care We Pray We share
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