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Snow Procedures

Please assume that school will be open until you are told otherwise by Seesaw, Tapestry or email.


Consider if your own journey is safe - if it is not, do not travel


What if school is open but my own journey is unsafe?


It is imperative that parents make their own judgement about whether or not it is safe to travel. Each journey will be different and the judgement rests with you as parents.


Take more time. We have discretion to leave the registers open for longer on 'snow' days and your child will not be marked late if the journey has been delayed.


If you feel that it is unsafe to travel, then you should inform school on the answer machine by stating the name of your child and the fact that they will be absent. 


What if school closes early?


If we are open, there is still a chance that we may close early. This is intended to help parents, not create extra disruption.


You will be allowed to collect your children at any time between 1.30pm and 3.15pm. This is intended to give parents some flexibility in the afternoons. YOU WILL BE INFORMED IF THIS IS TO HAPPEN.


After School Club


In the event of an early closure or deteriorating weather conditions we need to consider how staff will be able to get home. In such circumstances, we will have to close the After School Club. Again, parents will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity. 



  1. We will only close school in exceptional circumstances – it is very rare for St Joseph’s to close and no decision to close will be taken lightly. We are fully aware of the inconvenience it causes to everyone.
  2. Pupil safety is paramount.
  3. As soon as a decision is made, parents will be contacted by email.
  4. Parents must NOT phone school.


Please can parents make sure:


  1. They have their phones in order to receive an email
  2. They send their children to school in appropriate clothing for cold weather (we do not intend to keep the children inside).
  3. It is not uncommon that we will need to close the car park if it is deemed unsafe. Parents need to be aware of this and adjust their drop-off arrangements accordingly.  Again parents will be told in advance.
We work We care We Pray We share
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