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St. Joseph's Vision

Our Vision:


Our vision at St. Joseph’s is that each individual will learn, grow and thrive together with love and faith in Jesus. We will embrace our gospel values and enable all children to achieve their full potential in a safe, inclusive, welcoming and happy learning environment. We will strive to create responsible citizens who are independent, confident, life-long learners  and are equipped to meet the challenges of a changing future – the people who God calls them to be.


‘We  will learn, grow and thrive together with love and faith in Jesus….’


Our vision for the children, is that they leave St. Joseph’s having achieved their full potential in all areas and have the necessary skills and knowledge to flourish to their next phase of education and life. As children learn and grow, we want them to experience a deep sense of joy in everyday life and to feel happy, confident and full-filled, having enjoyed an enriching curriculum at St. Joseph’s. We want us to approach our curriculum with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. Through a broad, diverse curriculum and for children to develop new interests and passions. Children need a world class education which enables them to grow in wisdom, knowledge and a skills so that they may have a transformational impact upon society. We want children to receive  an exceptional curriculum by inspirational, knowledgeable teachers who deliver academic excellence for all. We want our curriculum to enable long-term learning.


‘Create responsible citizens who are independent, confident, life-long learners who are equipped to meet the challenges of a changing future…’


We want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. We want them to learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and for other people. We want them to feel confident and to develop a strong character, whilst providing them with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


We want our children to leave St. Joseph’s with the knowledge, skills and desires to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world - To help build God’s Kingdom. We want them to be successful global learners: As Pope Francis said, 


'We are a single family living in a common home. We have a responsibility as stewards of God’s earth.’


Our School Gospel Values


Our Gospel Values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Although rooted in Catholic teaching, these values are also important to other faiths and cultures within our school community including those with no faith.

At St. Joseph's, we have ten Gospel Values. Each month, we focus on one Value. We hold an assembly at the start of each month to re-introduce the Value. This Value then becomes the main focus for the term and the children are constantly reminded how they can show these in their everyday lives. At the end of each week, children are chosen from each class that have shown the best example of this Value and an overall award presented at our weekly Celebration Assemblies. We also ensure that children get at a thorough understanding of what each value really means through our PSHE curriculum.


These are our monthly School Values:


September:  Manners

October:      Responsibility

November:   Care and Compassion

December:   Respect

January:       Honesty and Truth

February:     Peace

March:         Patience and Tolerance

April/May:    Thoughtfulness

June:           Forgiveness and Justice

July:            Friendship


The values of the British Society in which we live:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty 
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance


As in our mission statement, we want children to be ‘fired up’ about building God's Kingdom here on Earth, enacting positive change across all spheres of society. God’s Kingdom is one of peace, love, joy, unity, equality, respect, forgiveness and compassion. It is a Kingdom where all can flourish, finding belonging, purpose and fulfilment. It is a Kingdom where we receive God’s love and the promise of ‘life in all its fullness’ through Jesus. This is all about transforming society. We want our children to know their place in the world and know how modern-day society has been shaped and the impact they can have in the future. We want our children to be the ‘People God wants Us to Be’. Our curriculum has been carefully designed in a way as to allow this. Our Golden Threads run through our curriculum to allow children to build God’s Kingdom here on earth.



Our Curriculum Golden Threads

We help children to achieve our mission statement through our key knowledge Golden threads:







We work We care We Pray We share
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